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3 Things to Beat the Heat When Shopping in Oxford Street

Summer has finally arrived.

After the rain and gloom of May, June is seeing a complete turnaround and we are finding ourselves amidst a heatwave with temperatures surpassing 30°C. Even with the prediction of a few days of rain around the corner, July has already been forecasted being quite sunny and warm, too.

What can we say? England is the mother of weather swings, to say the least.

The best thing to do to take the heat (or the rain) in stride? Visit Rathbone Square!

Come with us on an indulgent trip to discover how to enjoy London and a great shopping expedition around Oxford Street, and our lovely corner of Fitzrovia, rain or shine.

Escape the Heatwave in Rathbone Square Green Square

Had enough of huffing and puffing around Oxford Street and Tottenham Road? Well, maybe it is time for a well-deserved break from your shopping trip.

And what better place than Rathbone Square?

Its open green lawn dotted with attractive water fountains provides a refreshing spot, and doubles as the perfect scene to relax and find solace from the heat. Sit on one of the square's benches whilst sipping an iced coffee, refreshing juice or tucking into your artisan ice cream, all from the surrounding shops.

Loving the heat and looking for a secreted-away spot to get some sunbathing done? A hidden gem in the heart of Fitzrovia, the square is also shoppers' favourite place to enjoy the sun in tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby London shopping mecca's that is Oxford Street.

Omotesando Koffee

Chill Out With a Japanese-style Brewed Iced Coffee at Omotesando Koffee

An internationally renowned brand with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, as well as here in London, Omotesando Koffee started as a one-year pop-up shop in Omotesando, Japan.
Craftspeople directed by taste, texture and quality service, they strive to create a genuine oriental experience for their customers.

In the summer heat, hot coffee may not feel like the best option, even when the craving for your daily caffeine boost rears its head.
Not to worry!

At Omotesando Koffee, along with the extensive menu of classic hot coffees, you can enjoy a flavourful variety of iced coffee to cool you down and pick you up.

Try the hugely popular iced macchiato for an invigorating and cooling kick-start to your day or shopping expedition.

Treat yourself to one of their bite-sized, custard-filled ''kashi'' along with it. Their signature square pastries come individually or in box sets for when one just isn't enough.

White Pine juice

Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices, Vegan Healthy Treats to Boost Your Shopping at White Pine

Healthy food and drinks, and sustainable living are top of mind to you?

White Pine is committed to providing healthy, freshly prepared and delicious food and juices that support local suppliers whilst delivering on green and ethical practices.

Get a taste of their Energy (pineapple, passion fruit, apple and mint) or Glow (celery, romaine lettuce, cucumber, kale, parsley and spinach) fresh, cold-pressed juices and snack on a tasty vegan dessert such as the raw coconut bar or matcha chai protein bar, to boost your day for the second round of shopping.

If an iced drink or frappé are more up your alley, then an organic blue matcha latte or mocha frappé could be the right for you.

Crosstown ice cream

Shakes and Ice Cream at Crosstown

Crosstown is not just the best in town when it comes to sourdough doughnuts, it’s now also a pro at ice cream and shakes.

Crafted following the traditional method, and produced in small batches, their ice cream makes use of the best seasonal ingredients. Experience the smooth and silky texture and amazing flavours inspired by their award-winning doughnuts.

More a shake affectionado? Pick your choice of flavour as selections is based on Crosstown’s signature ice cream which are smoothly blended with whole milk or oak milk mix.

Lab Store summer sale

Freshen Up Your Style at Lab Store London

The fashion boutique trending for its avant-garde statement pieces is the best place to bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe in this hot season as the summer sale is now on, both online and in-store!

Discover the store that is having the fashion and music industry chattering. Labstore London was, in fact, recently featured on Pause magazine thanks to the singer Wes Nelson wearing one of their vest shirts by Sean Suen in the June edition digital cover.

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