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4 Reasons to Visit Circolo Popolare

It has barely been open 12 months, but Gloria Trattoria's little sister Circolo Popolare has already taken over our social media as the most Instagrammable restaurant in Central London. Whilst it boasts a photogenic eccentric style, this Italian doesn't falter when it comes to substance!

Situated within the heart of Fitzrovia at Rathbone Square, Circolo is in the perfect place to eat where diners remain part of the vibrant London city vibe, but the ambience peaceful enough to enjoy a romantic date night or a delicious brunch with friends.

1. Sensational food fit for Fitzrovia’s glamourous reputation

It's impossible to scroll through any food-related hashtag on Instagram without seeing the famous Carbonara cheese wheel doing the rounds. And rightfully so - this decadent dish requires eating with the eyes and mouth, a true taste sensation! Moving onto the sweeter offerings, the ginormous lemon meringue pie aptly named 'The Incomparable Lemon Pie' is a spectacle in itself, towering over the table 5'9 inches tall.

2. Lush interior design transports you to a Sicilian dreamland

'Bombastic', 'outrageous', 'cheeky' and 'Sicily on steroids' are just a handful of adjectives used to describe the décor of the Circolo. Which is more than fitting, as there is barely an inch of wall left uncovered, albeit with paintings, flowers, posters, or the incredible display of 20,000 bottles (yes, 20,000!) lining the walls from ceiling to floor. The ceiling is drenched with foliage and hanging flowers, and the warm lighting creates a vibrant and buzzy atmosphere that still feels homely and welcoming.

3. Excellent family-like hospitality

As well as the interiors, the homely, welcoming feeling radiates from each member of staff too. There is a strong family vibe, that comes across on social media, where images of the staff are regularly posted - whether it's the baristas and bartenders whipping up something fancy, or the pizza chefs doing their thing in the kitchen. This feeling multiplies by tenfold as soon as you step through the door, creating an infectiously fun and warm environment that is a pleasure to be part of.

4. Prime dining location

Successfully bringing Sicily to Fitzrovia, diners can enjoy a full Mediterranean experience right here in central London. Due to the prime location, Circolo Popolare is easily reached by bus, tube, bike and on foot! The nearest tube stop around the corner is Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus is a several-minute walk down the street.

Circolo Popolare is available for walk-ins only (groups under 8), but believe us when we say it’s most definitely worth the wait!

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