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9 Simple Sustainable Swaps to Make This Year

As well as serving up delicious, fresh vegetarian food from local suppliers and a range of organic coffees, speciality teas and nutrient-packed smoothies, White Pine are on a mission to do their part to save the planet,one coffee cup at a time.

Not only do they serve up environmentally friendly eats, including their build-your-own White Pine salad bowl, grilled vegan Caesar wraps and Tropical Detox Chia, but all takeaway items are served in entirely compostable packaging. Whilst their cutlery may look suspicious, White Pine operate a strictly plastic-free zone, using plant-based alternatives such as trees, corn and sugar cane alternatives instead.

Everything is recycled along with food waste, and they encourage suppliesand customers to do the same. We spoke to Seb, the Founder, to get someuseful tips on the small changes you can make towards living more consciously this year.

  1. Avoid using a plastic lid for your takeaway coffee or tea (White Pine have stopped using lids altogether on their hot drinks as of January this year!)
  2. Research shows that in the UK we use7 milliondisposable coffee cups every day, so do your bit to kerb this by investing in a reusablecup.
  3. Use a compostable straw or carry a reusable straw with you in your bag.
  4. Bring your own Tupperware food container to take food away in- White Pine serve a delicious namesake Salad Bowl which the friendly team would be more than happy to serve in your own container.
  5. Opt out of taking the plastic cutlery when ordering takeaway food.
  6. Try and buy fruit and vegetables at food markets to try and avoid unnecessary packaging and plastic.
  7. Try and buy plastic-free cosmetics. There are some brilliant soap andshampoo bars available on the high street, removing the need for a plastic bottle.
  8. Start purchasing loose tea instead of teabags.
  9. Don’t forget to bring a reusable tote bag when you do your weekly food shop. Stylish and sustainable!

In fact, next time you’re about to nestle down in a cosy corner of White Pine to enjoy a vegan chocolate muffin and a good book, take a look at their gifting corner. Brimming with ethically sourced Danish homewares,vegan skincare and beauty products, reusable glassware and vegan recipebooks, so you can bring a little bit of sustainable living back home with you.

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