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8 Top Things to Enjoy in London When it Rains: The Rathbone Square Edit

Now that restrictions have eased even more, and all the Rathbone Square stores are open, only Mother Nature could have tempered with our plans to make up for lost time.

Brits are well used to the country's unpredictable weather, but the past couple of weeks could have tested the patience of a saint with all the rain, hail and everything else than has been thrown at us.

But we are made of stern stuff and, as we embrace A.A. Milne's words of wisdom, "the nicest thing about rain is it always stops. Eventually", we also notice the increasingly longer spells of brilliant sun out there, with the temperatures set to reach 20-degrees this weekend, finally.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of things to enjoy when it rains, or the sun shines bright here at Rathbone Square.

So, are you ready to indulge at Rathbone Square?

Since May 17th, stores and restaurants can finally welcome visitors indoors. At Rathbone Square, there is plenty to appreciate and to do both indoors and outdoors in our hidden green corner of London.

The green arches are always open for you to enjoy our treasure trove of curated stores, spanning from some of the best food hotspots in London to quality and sustainable shopping.

Prefer to be outside when the weather permits?

Sit in our secluded square for a well-deserved break from your shopping expedition here or in the nearby Oxford Street, and chill in the delightful green area with beautiful water features and bench seats.

Rathbone Square is Fitzrovia’s top place to slow down and enjoy your day at its best, bringing a much-needed leisurely pace to your shopping expedition and day out with friends.

Let's check out our top things to do to plan your best day in London - whether it rains or not!

1. Take some Instagram-worthy pictures and enjoy delicious trattoria food at Circolo Popolare

Circolo Popolare

As of last Monday, Circolo Popolare is open again for indoor dining. Together with their beautiful outdoor terrace, there is an option for whatever weather Mother Nature dishes out.

Also, if you didn't know already, their famous wine bottles wall-display provides an Instagram-worthy pic as a background to a fantastic traditional Italian menu. So much so that even Dua Lipa took a trip there just last week!

Bookings can be made 30 days in advance, and their delivery service, Napoli Gang, is still available to answer all your pizza needs at home. Discover more on Circolo Popolare's page.

2. Get Yourself Addicted to Japanese Coffee Culture

Omotesando Koffee

Consider yourself a coffee enthusiast? Well, you can't miss a trip to Omotesando, the minimalist-style Japanese coffee boutique shop with a beautifully light-wood interior to complement freshly brewed, enticingly fragrant coffee.

Try the iced mochaccino or request your favourite, accompanied by one of their mouth-watering pastries.

3. Catch the latest fashion trend at Lab Store

Lab Store London

Getting ready for nights out means your wardrobe finally gets to have some new additions. Discover a unique style and bring out your inner fashionista at Lab Store, London.

A boutique with a diverse mindset, it's the perfect place to find something unique and experiment with daring designs. If you like to set trends and get noticed, Lab Store will have something for you.

4. Impress with a Custom Nail Design at Rawr Beauty


Meeting friends at this new posh restaurant or going out with your other half? How better to impress than a beautiful new manicure and pampering session!

At Rawr, they know how to give you an uplifting boost and make you feel beautiful and cared for after this lengthy lockdown. The expert beauticians will advise on which nail trend is best for you and provide manicure tips to keep you going until your next appointment. Why not add a perfect pedicure or brow treatment while you are at it?

5. Go for a New Hairstyle at Vixen and Blush

Vixen & Blush

The expert team at Vixen & Blush know how to enhance their clients' beauty with the right hairstyle to match, finished with sleek waves and the perfect colour to match that will stand this rainy weather.

As London's leading hair extension salon, they pride themselves on superior natural-looking hair extensions and a truly personalised experience that'll make you feel like a new you.

6. Discover Sustainable Living at White Pine

White Pine

If you are committed to sustainable living and are on your journey to becoming vegan or vegetarian, right here in the heart of Rathbone Square, discover the beauty that is White Pine.

With a sustainable mindset, organic-first belief, and cruelty-free lifestyle, this café's top priority is to offer the best food and organic coffees on the market, thanks to a strong relationship with quality local suppliers.

On their mission to better living and eating, White Pine's packaging is plant-based and compostable. In the past year, their mission has also expanded to include a great selection of Nordic homeware to start you up on a Hygge home revamp.

7. Indulge in sugar heaven at Crosstown


In need of a sweet fix? Refuel your low sugar levels at Crosstown, the doughnuts - and now also ice cream - heaven of choice at Rathbone Square.

Discover the huge selection of freshly baked sourdough doughnuts, cookies and decadent ice cream on offer. From the season selection to the signature classics, we can't decide on a favourite. Maybe the Matcha Tea or the Chocolate Truffle? We are sure you'll be in awe of all the flavours available.

8. Get an Energy Boost at Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice

With gyms reopening and some returning to the office, the need for an energy and hydration boost in the morning and throughout the day may be increasing.

Try Joe & The Juice's freshly prepared juices, smoothies and coffees. Their selection will make you feel energised and refreshed in no time. No rain involved! Learn how to boost your morning with Joe & the Juice here.

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