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A Beginners Experience at Digme Fitness

The shift towards a greener, cleaner and overall healthier lifestyle has been apparent for some time now with new trends emerging on a regular basis. When it comes to keeping fit, it's important to find a form of exercise that you find enjoyable, for it to be sustainable.

Digme Fitness Centre Rathbone Square Fitzrovia

Digme Fitness has six studios located around London, including Rathbone Square

The Fitzrovia branch offers Ride (spin), Matrix (HIIT) and Fusion (spin and HIIT). Digme are big on building a friendly community vibe and host a Run Club every Monday, which is open to all abilities and totally free! Sounds interesting? Join Digme Run Club community on Facebook.

My first time at Digme, the story

As someone with an already pretty active lifestyle, I decided to kick-start my year by diving headfirst into a Matrix Core class. The classes are 45 minutes, which make them super easy to slot into your lunch hour, which is exactly what I did.

The structure of the workout is based on three elements - running, conditioning and moving, with this particular class focusing more on core strength. The class is split into three areas: Skillmill (self-powered treadmill! I have never seen one of these before so it took a couple of minutes to get used to, but Chloe -my instructor- guided me through the warm-up so I felt more than comfortable enough to sprint with the regulars by the end of the class!), Floor work using a balance board, resistance work using TRX bands.

We spent about 5/6 minutes on each station before we moved on and completed the circuit 3 times. As it was described as a core-focused workout, I was pleasantly surprised to not have to do a single sit-up! Instead, we focused on exercises that use bodyweight to build core strength, such as planks, lunges with dumbbells, kettlebell swings and TRX chest presses.

The circuit layout was a great way to mix up the class, and I felt like I worked every muscle in my body... even those I didn’t know existed! The class included a warm-up, a cool down and a high 5 at the end!

Digme Fitness Matrix Core Class

Digme are known for their hard-core community values, and this really came through during my visit

From the warm welcome at the door to the instructor introducing herself to the class and being a great motivator throughout it, to the huge chalkboard on the wall shouting out praise to the 'member of the week' and 'employee of the week'. They also affectionately call members 'Diggers' instead of plain old members, which I thought was a lovely touch! Even though I was a first-timer, I really felt part of the family and forgot any hesitation I previously had about fitness studios in London being 'cult-like', pretentious or that I had to already be super fit to be able to keep up.

Following my workout, I freshened up in one the super chic showers, which offer the most luxurious shampoo, conditioner and body wash from This Works, as well as everything I could have possibly needed to get myself ready to head back to work afterwards! GHD hairdryers and straighteners, makeup remover, hairclips and bobbles, dry shampoo and moisturiser.

Digme After Workout Perks

The post-workout perks

On arrival, I was advised to pre-order my post-workout smoothie from the Refuel Bar so it would be ready in time for me to grab on my way out. The smoothies are recommended to aid recovery following each workout, as they are packed full of nutrients, Innermost protein, Plenish milk, not to mention they're absolutely delicious! I decided to go for the 'Invigorate' smoothie, which included banana, almond butter, cocoa powder, almond milk and chocolate protein powder. If the endorphins I got after the class wasn’t a good enough reason to return to Digme, the smoothie definitely was!

Digme Fitzrovia Fitness Motivation

Tempted to try a class for yourself? Digme are currently offering an incredible intro offer, which you can snap up right now. See you on the Skillmills!

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