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Top 5 Best Cafes near Oxford Street

Live here, work here or simply paying a visit, Rathbone Square is surrounded by a whole bunch of amazing cafés. And with its prime location near Oxford Street, it’s no wonder there is truly something for everyone.

So, whether you’re seeking a place to grab breakfast before heading out for the day, you need a place to eat and meet for work or pleasure, or you’re after a take-out lunch to enjoy amongst the greenery of the Square, read on for our top picks of the best cafés in and around Oxford Street.

The best for coffee connoisseurs

Omotesando Koffee

Probably the one of the best finds in the whole of London and nestled in the heart of Rathbone Square is the Japanese gem, Omotesando Koffee. This is a truly exclusive, boutique-style café serving exquisite Japanese coffees in a sleek, minimalistic setting with light wood detail – a signature of Japanese interior design.

You’ll find the outstanding service really is something to write home about, and you’re sure to be fascinated by the baristas in white lab coats going about their brewing as if it were a perfect science. If you love a specific type of coffee, you’re going to find it here, and if you’re peckish then there’s a whole variety of mouth-watering traditional Japanese pastries to indulge your taste buds. We say it’s an absolute must-try, even just for the experience!

Best for vegetarian / vegan

Right here in the heart of Rathbone Square sits White Pine, a haven for vegetarian and vegan treats as well as organic teas and coffees.

Food quality is this café’s top priority, with a reassuring guarantee of the freshest food and highest nutritional value thanks to a consistent loyalty to regional suppliers. With a firm belief in a cruelty-free lifestyle, White Pine does not sell any meat or fish.

This is a brand that is also big on protecting nature and reducing environmental impact. All their packaging is plant-based and totally compostable. Knowing that makes it taste all the better, as if it didn’t already!

Best for light bites

If you’re looking for something light and tasty, you can’t go wrong with Joe & the Juice, situated right here in Rathbone Square. This is a place that focuses on healthy treats, perfect as pre-work energy boosters and après-workout pick-me-ups. Choose from a delectable selection of juices and smoothies, mixed to suit your energy levels. There’s also a tempting range of sandwiches including veggie options; salads and a host of coffee and tea creations including pink lattes, iced lattes, ‘Cup of Joe’ and green rhubarb tea.

We also enjoy visiting for the specially curated music playlists they update regularly!

Best for a sweet tooth

When only the sweetest thing will do, we recommend a visit to Crosstown Doughnuts, Rathbone Square’s very own haven for the sweet-toothed visitor. This is quite possibly the most extra range of doughnuts we’ve ever seen and, with all of them made fresh every day, you just know you’re going to be experiencing a real treat here.

From passionfruit and blueberry, to strawberry and English sparking rosé; and vegan wonders like pomegranate and orange blossom, and lemon-thyme and beetroot dough, there is truly something to suit every level of sugar love at Crosstown Doughnuts.

Best showstopper

If you enjoy being wowed by your dining experience, then head on over to Rathbone Square’s ultimate showstopper: Circolo Popolare. Here’s where you’re going to be in total awe of everything around you, as this is a place that takes the minimalist style book and throws it out of the window!

You’ll be amazed as you step inside in to see wine bottles stacked floor-to-ceiling; grand, dazzling chandeliers above and huge columns of flowers reaching out overhead. The menu is no less sensational either. Truffle Shuffle pizza anyone? Silk handkerchief pasta? Outrageous ‘XXL’ dessert? Chef Salvatore’s menu is billed as ‘jaw dropping’, and that’s the only thing we can think of to describe it too.

Whether you’re catching up over breakfast, stopping off for a long, lazy lunch or indulging in late night dining complete with something spectacular from the cocktail menu, Circolo Popolare is an experience you’ll be talking about for possibly years to come.

Visiting Oxford Street?

Why not make an escape from the hustle and bustle and take a deckchair amongst the lush greenery and relaxing water features of Rathbone Square? With so many amazing cafés around, you’ll not go hungry as you enjoy the oasis tranquillity in the Capital!

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