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5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Digme Fitness Class

It’s good for your mental health.

As well as being great for staying in shape and keeping our bodies active… physical exercise is known for being a brilliant stress and anxiety buster, triggering endorphins that have a positive impact on the way we feel. If you’ve had a tough day (or week) at the office, a high-intensity class at Digme allows you to be fully immersed in the moment and focus on something other than your worries - the perfect remedy to clear your mind and make you feel great.

You’ll have fun doing it.

Sometimes, hitting the gym alone can feel like a chore and no matter how good the Spotify playlist in your ears, the motivation just isn’t there and it can start to get boring. Attending a group fitness class, such as Ride or Matrix at Digme, is a fun way to get active in a social setting. You’ll be led by an encouraging instructor, surrounded by fellow classmates to keep you motivated and maybe even bring out your competitive side! Not to mention their state-of-the-art equipment and funky tunes to move along to…

Make yourself proud.

There’s a serious sense of pride after smashing a gruelling Digme class. It might have felt tough at the time and you might have hated every last sprint/burpee/squat but by the end of the session you’ll be feeling pumped and so glad you did it. If, like us, you like to reward yourself with a little post-workout snack, Rathbone Square is just the place! Somebody once told us that your body still burns calories for a short while even after you’ve finished exercising, not that we ever needed an excuse for a Crosstown Doughnut…

Shower in luxury.

After almost an hour of pushing yourself to the limit, we bet you’ll be dripping in sweat! Digme’s luxurious, self-contained showers are stocked with ‘This Works’ products that’ll leave you feeling clean, refreshed and smelling good. There’s no need to bring a towel with you, or any hair drying/styling tools because you’ll find Dyson hairdryers and GHD straighteners waiting for you by the mirrors. Perfect for if you’re working out before work or heading out straight after class.

You’ll want to come back again and again.

Speaking from experience… after our first Matrix class we were well and truly hooked and couldn’t wait to get in the saddle for one of their well-known Ride classes. We didn’t think tough workouts could actually be enjoyable but Digme proved us wrong. Unlike a regular gym membership, Digme offers its classes in packages with credits that can be redeemed over a period of 3 to 6 months, this flexibility means that you can pick and choose the classes that work around your lifestyle and aren’t tied into a membership that you wont use.

If, after reading this, you’re feeling motivated by the Digme experience, head over to their website where you’ll be able to check out the class timetable and purchase your credits.

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