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Home Fitness Motivation Tips with Digme

Now that many of us are spending a lot more time at home, finding the right motivation to stay fit and keep a healthy routine can be difficult. In collaboration with Digme Fitness here in Rathbone Square, we have shared some useful tips to help reignite your fire for fitness and restore those happy endorphins.

Set Yourself Goals

If you’re new to working out, or just in the process of reintroducing yourself into a new routine, a great way to hold yourself accountable to sticking to them is to set yourself some goals.

They don’t have to be totally fitness related, they can be anything from working out 3x per week, making sure you get 8 hours sleep each night, trying out one new class every month, remembering to eat a substantial breakfast every morning or switching off your phone an hour before bedtime every night to stop yourself scrolling social media in bed.

The important thing about setting goals is that they need to be attainable, so start simple, and once you find yourself hitting each one then you can start aiming for something more challenging.

Switch Up Your Workouts

Completing the same workout every single day or week can get monotonous and boring, which can result in loss of motivation and total resentment to work out at all.

To get around this, we recommend switching up your fitness classes! Digme Fitness offer free daily classes over on their Instagram Stories, simply head over to their page each morning to view the timetable and tune in!

You can also sign up to the Digme on Demand+Live subscription service, which gives you access to over 48 live On Demand Cycle, Matrix, HIIT, Yoga and Breathwork classes, giving you endless options to keep your workouts exciting.

Try Something New

Wellness isn’t just about hammering home workouts, it’s also about what you put into your body, so eating healthy is important, and what better time to learn some new skills in the kitchen?

Food accounts like @bbcgoodfood, @hemsleyhemsley and @thebodycoach share simple step-by-step recipes for you to recreate at home including big batch cooking traybakes, 15-minute meals and easy breakfast ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Why not start with Digme’s ‘Chocolate Nice Cream’? Made from frozen bananas and no need for a fancy ice-cream maker it can be whipped up and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

Appreciate the Little Things

Finding the positive and being grateful for the small things is more important now than ever.

To help share a smile, Digme have started posting 10 things they are loving each week on Instagram, and we encourage you to do the same!

Recent things shared by the Digme community so far include starting the new series of Killing Eve on Netflix, purchasing swanky new workout gear (even if so far you’ve only worn it to do the weekly shop), winning the family Zoom quiz, sunny Saturdays spent doing that gardening you’ve been putting off for months, Thursday night clapping for the NHS and discounted Easter eggs!

For those not used to the extra hours and finding it difficult to adapt to a new routine, it can be easy to lose motivation for the things you previously enjoyed.

We hope that these suggestions can help you feel a little more energised and motivated whilst improving the way you make use of your time.

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