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Give Your Home a Hygge Revamp with White Pine at Rathbone Square

Hygge, which is pronounced hoo-ga, is a Danish word to describe a feeling of comfort, cosiness and contentment. There are many ways to bring Hygge into your everyday life, such as enjoying more quality time with friends and family, spending more time offline and living in the moment, or even just lighting your favourite candle and cosying up with a new book. Want to experience the feeling of Hygge here in Fitzrovia? Head down to White Pine where you can pick up some plant-based fuel and browse their beautiful Nordic homewares.

Proving successful in helping people live a more rounded and happier lifestyle, the trend has been extremely popular in the world of interiors. Many people have chosen to give their home a Hygge makeover and not only embrace a warm, welcoming vibe in their soul, but in their décor too.

How to Hygge

The ultimate act of self-love, Hygge is all about appreciating life's simple pleasures. This calls for banishing uncomfortable clothing, harsh bright lighting as well as gloomy dark, uninviting corners, strict rules and impulse buys that are purchased for the sole purpose to keep up with current trends.

And what replaces them? Things that bring joy!

These things don't necessarily need to be brand new either, they can be pre-owned, well-worn and well-loved. Items such as a thick, cable –knit comfy cardigan, the smell of a candle or diffuser that makes you remember a particularly cherished memory, a book or signature dish that you enjoy cooking and more importantly, enjoy eating!

Incorporating Scandi-Style into Your Home

Everyone's personal style is different, and what 'comfort' means to one person, could be totally different to another. Scandinavian style is trendy for its back-to-basics, minimalist approach to interior design, heavily influenced by a connection with nature and its calming environment.

The trend focuses on natural elements such as indoor plants, lots of natural lighting, a neutral colour palette and plenty of welcoming, homely accessories, such as shaggy rugs, thick throws and other soft furnishings.

For those utterly new to the world of Hygge, we recommend starting by slowly incorporating staple Scandi elements into your home, beginning with a declutter. (Tidy house, tidy mind!) Decorate with fresh flowers, indoor plants and try and refrain from purchasing anything on-trend in favour of more timeless, neutral coloured pieces of furniture and homewares. Lastly, banish heavy curtains and blinds to encourage plenty of natural lighting into your home to create a more open, welcoming vibe in your living space.

Ready, Steady, Shop with White Pine at Rathbone Square!

As well as having a vegan-friendly menu abundant with shakes, smoothies, snacks and salads that help to nourish the body and the soul, White Pine here offers a huge range of Nordic-style homeware to help kickstart your road to Hygge. We love the Cozy Nectarine Soy Wax Candle, Astoria Vase and Bloomingville Candle Holder which are all available to shop online.

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