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The Lockdown Guide to Home Grooming and Beauty Treatments

With the past eight months being a rollercoaster of uncertainty when it comes to guidelines, lockdowns and restricted activity, havoc has been reaped on any kind of routine when it comes to keeping on top of beauty and grooming appointments.

Whether you managed to book in for a set of glossy gel nails at Rawr Beauty as a final act of self-care or grabbed a last-minute hot towel shave at Adam Grooming before the new rules were brought in, a whole four weeks without a salon visit means you're going to have to take matters into your own hands for a while. Below we have shared some home DIY tips and tricks from the experts at our favourite beauty salon and grooming parlour to help you navigate your way through the month without any beauty emergencies until salons reopen, and you can be reunited with your beloved stylist or beauty therapist.

Grooming Tips

  • Remember to shampoo and condition your hair, as using only shampoo dries out your hair and can lead to frizziness and unmanageability
  • Take your time if using a safety razor or cutthroat razor! (But please do not try and use a cutthroat razor unless you have been instructed how to use one safely)
  • Treat yourself to a DIY hot towel or hot flannel at home. Use after washing face and before and after shaving, and you'll take your home routine to the next level
  • Prime your hair with a sea salt spray or hair tonic for easier styling and better volume
  • Use a post-shave balm to soothe your shaved skin (we recommend this one!)
  • Apply cologne/ EDT to pulse points (jugular veins on neck and wrist) to warm the scent better (check out the Black Sea Eau De Parfum here)
  • Use a shaving brush with Classic shaving cream for the best most soothing shaves
  • Don't try and cut your fringe when it is wet, as it will shrink when dry

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Beauty Tips

Gel nails clinging on for dear life after a month without access to appointments? See below to learn how to remove yours safely at home. You'll need: A nail file, Acetone nail polish, A small bowl, cotton balls, foil and a nail buffer.

Step 1: File off as much of the acrylic nail as possible, instead of filing your nails in the usual way, you will need to thin out the entire area the acrylic or gel covers.

Pro tip: be careful not to cut the skin around the nails with the edges of the file

Step 2: Soak off any remaining acrylic or gel on the nail. Once the gel has been filed down as much as possible, we recommend soaking the nails in 100% acetone for as long as it takes to dissolves the product.

Pro tip: placing a bowl of warm water underneath the acetone will speed up the process

Step 3: Gently scrape or buff the last bits of acrylic/gel away. There may be a few small areas of acrylic that refuses to go, but don't get rough with them! If there are any little bits of acrylic that won't budge, a soft foam buffer can be used to buff those little stubborn bits smooth.

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