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Make it Through Movember with These Top Beard Care Tips

Looking for advice to help you make it through Movember? If you’re joining the international campaign to help fund men’s health projects and raise awareness of men’s health issues, but you could do with a tip or two on keeping your flourishing facial hair in check over the next month, read on as we share top beard care suggestions to support you through your admirable journey.

How does Movember work?

Since its launch in 2003, Movember has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects globally, boosting research and transforming how health services reach and support men in the process. The aim of the campaign is to help men live happier, healthier and longer lives, uniting to take on the likes of mental health, suicide, and prostate and testicular cancer.

Growing a moustache or beard is the campaign’s symbol for better men’s health. Its aim is to help start important conversations, so men can show they stand for a healthier world. Movember is also about raising money to fund game-changing men’s health projects.

The idea is to start November clean-shaven, then start growing and ‘let your mo do its thing’.

Beard care tips for a successful Movember

Growing a mo and leaving it to ‘do its own thing’ may feel liberating. But if your work (or play) calls for you to keep your appearance in check to a certain degree, but you are still committed to getting involved in this powerful campaign, then you’ll need to find a way of keeping your moustache or beard shipshape as it blooms over the course of the month.

And that’s precisely what these tips will help you do.

Keep it trimmed

A moustache or beard is always growing, which makes regular trimming a must. The shorter the hair, the more often it will need attention. Closer styles will generally need a trim every other day to keep them looking sharp. But if you’re looking to cultivate a fuller mo, then once or twice a week should suffice.

Keep it clean

It’s good practice to keep your moustache or beard looking and smelling fresh and clean by giving it a good shampoo every time you shower. A touch of conditioner will soften coarse or rough hair, helping to keep it in check and prevent it feeling itchy.

Keep it in check

Facial hair will grow differently from one man to the next. Some will find it grows gracefully downwards, whilst others may find it acting a little more rebellious. If yours falls more into the latter category, a dab of beard oil and a quick comb should keep it in check. Beard oil is great for softening facial hair, or you can try a pomade to help shape your moustache into the style of your choice.

Keep off!

The best thing you can do to keep your moustache or beard clean is to avoid touching it. Whilst it can be tempting to stroke your growing mo, it’s best to try and steer clear. Be sure to trim the hairs around your mouth, and work on mastering the art of eating and drinking without getting anything stuck.

Fighting a losing battle with your flourishing facial hair? Pay a visit to Adam Grooming for a spot of professional pampering and top beard care treatments.

If you’re keen to make Movember count, but you’re finding it a challenge to keep your new-found facial hear in check, we recommend you pay a visit to Adam Grooming in Rathbone Square where you’ll be properly pampered.

Renowned atelier Adam Grooming is considered one of the highest rated men’s barbers in London.

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Expect indulgent hot towels and balm, soothing scalp massages and expert beard styling, all topped off with a complimentary beverage from the in-salon cocktail bar.

Treatments include Face Time, a 40-minute beard reshape with hot towel and steam; Total Comp, a 60-minute full experience with a haircut and beard reshape, and the 50-minute Buzz Cut Combo, comprising a consultation, grade 1 clipper haircut, wash, hot towel, mini massage, blow dry and beard trim.

Whatever you plump for, you’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and revitalised, and proud as punch to sport your perfectly primed Movember mo.

Keen to make Movember count? Head to Rathbone Square for an unbeatable beard care experience!

Rathbone Square is a hidden retail gem located just off Oxford Street in the West End of London. It’s the perfect place to escape the hubbub of the city and indulge yourself in a spot of much-deserved pampering. Keeping your moustache or beard in tip top condition with a visit to Adam Grooming, and pat yourself on the back for a Movember job well done!

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