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The Best Places for Cold Drinks for the Ultimate Summer in London

Summer is on its way, so if you’re preparing to hit the forthcoming heatwaves head on by seeking out tantalisingly cooling refreshment ideas, and you’re headed for west London, read on to discover two of the best places to grab some of the best cold drinks, any time of the day.

Joe and the Juice

Set amidst the tranquillity of Rathbone Square in west London, Joe and the Juice offers a vast and hugely tempting menu of coffees, teas and juices, as well as salads, paninis and sweet treats to suit an array of taste buds.

Prepare for a thirst quenching summer in London courtesy of the Energize Breakfast Bundle comprising a juice, coffee and shot.

Choose from juices such as Joe’s Green Mile, a combo of apple, avocado, broccoli, ice, lemon and spinach; or the Herb Tonic, a blend of apple, ginger, ice, pepper, pineapple, red bell pepper and turmeric. Then add your coffee, which could be a purple, yellow or pink latte; a flat white or cappuccino, or the signature Cup of Joe. Finally, choose your shot from turmeric with apple, ice, lemon and pepper; or ginger with apple and ice. The perfect summer drinks bundle!

Fresh out of the gym? Joe and the Juice has just the re-energiser you need in the shape of the Workout Team Bundle made up of two vegan shakes, a protein and a shot.

The Re-Build 2.0 shake is a revitalizing combination of avocado, banana, choco almond drink, date, ice, protein and raw cacao. Or there’s the Red Supreme, a concoction of avocado, banana, beetroot powder, cashew coconut drink, date, ice and protein. Blue Magic and Green Gains make up the full shake selection, whilst Turmeric or ginger complete the offering of shots.

Seeking out the best iced coffee in London? You’ll not go far wrong with an Ice Latte or Ice Americano at Joe’s. And when it comes to refreshing iced summer drinks, you’ll love nothing more than one of Joe’s signature juices.

Treat yourself to a Green Tonic packed with cucumber, celery, kale and ice; a zingy Energizer brimming with apple, red grapefruit, ginger and ice, or a Sports Juice with apple, pineapple, passion fruit and ice. There’s also the Iron Man made up of apple, strawberries, kiwi and ice; Hell of a Nerve with banana, elderflower, ice and strawberries, and the uplifting Joe’s AMG, with apple, ice, mint and ginger.

Whatever your choice from the enticing menu of cold drinks at Joe and the Juice, one thing’s for sure… you’ll soon be back for more to seal your summer in London as one of the most memorable yet!

White Pine

White Pine is a boutique coffee and juice bar, again situated in the calming setting of Rathbone Square in west London.

Here’s where you’ll find an alluring menu of iced drinks, nutritious smoothies, organic coffees and speciality teas, as well as an array of fresh vegetarian and vegan food from local suppliers, and a range of Nordic homeware to boot.

Sustainability-driven White Pine operates a strict plastic-free kitchen and uses only fully recyclable plant-based packaging. So, if you’re keen to make your summer in London a planet-friendly one, here’s where to head.

On the health-boosting drinks menu at White Pine you’ll find a range of fresh cold press juices, shots and signature protein shakes, as well as some of the best iced coffee in London.

Summer drinks don’t come more refreshing than the White Pine Iced Latte. You’re in for a real treat with the creamy Mocha Frappé, and even more so with the very tempting Peanut Butter Vanilla Frappe. Yum! Fancy a touch of spice? The cool Espresso Ginger Beer with its botanically brewed ginger beer is not to be missed, neither are the Iced Chai Latte and Espresso Tonic.

On the cold press juice menu at White Pine you’ll find everything from the spinach, apple, lime and ginger infused Skin Care, to the beetroot, apple, ginger and lemon packed Mental Power. Plus there’s the all-new Repair, comprising fennel, spinach, cucumber and lime. Cold drinks really don’t get any better!

Signature protein shakes are one of the most popular summer drinks lines at White Pine. These Icelandic style shakes feature real ingredients and no fake flavours, and are all available in vegan options. Try Boost for a shot of energy courtesy of peanut butter, espresso, banana, skyr and chia seeds. Or Green Power, an infusion of spinach, mango, organic green matcha and vegan vanilla protein.

Need a boost? Add an immunity shot such as Ginger, with cracked pepper, lemon and apple; Organic Sea Buckthorn, or Turmeric.

Experience some of the best cold drinks and make yours a special summer in London this year!

Rathbone Square is a hidden oasis of tranquillity just off Oxford Street in London’s West End. Why not pay a visit next time you’re in town, and indulge in some of the best iced coffee in London, refreshing cold drinks and nutritious shots and shakes?

Summer in London is calling you!

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